Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Irma La Douce (Erin The Sweet)

So, last night, during my fighting-this-cold-I-am-determined-not-to-get-insomnia, I had the pleasure of catching Irma La Douce on TV. It had been a long time since I had seen this Billy Wilder gem, which I am not sure I had ever seen before in its entirety. Starring Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon, it tells the tale of a cop and a street walker who fall in love in 1960s Paris. Pretty much a hooker with a heart of gold story, it is also a visual feast. I could fully go there, with her look....the black dresses and pencil skirts, the green stockings, the little bows and the little dog. I mean, I already have the dog.

I love these images of the film from LIFE.

So, what do you think? Should this be my new look?????

The very groovy trailer...

Making it easy...

Alright bitches, a new addition on this here blog is the formspring box you see on your right. Now, you can truly ask me anything, anytime, anonymously, or not, for Ask Erin! or just for kicks. Do it, it's easy. I will answer most of your janky questions. Try it out below...

You can also still email me, the old-fashioned way.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This is why you love me....

I was at the dentist yesterday, having so much fun, getting drilled and scraped and poked (in my mouth pervs, in my mouth). I thought to myself, my dentist is really nice, as dentists go....I trust him. (It would be bad to not trust the person who is drilling inside your mouth.) Anyways, it suddenly dawned on dentist reminds me of someone....that's why he seems so familiar. He reminds me of Mel Silver, David Silver's Dad, married to Jackie Taylor (mom of Kelly Taylor) on Bev Hills, 90210!!!!

He was a shitty husband and a mediocre father, but he was a great dentist (affairs with dental hygienists aside)! There was that one episode, when they were Freshmen in was a Christmas episode....Jackie and Mel were mid divorce....Kelly called Mel on Christmas Eve because she cracked a tooth.Well, Mel promptly left his own party, met her at his office and gave her an emergency temporary crown. Yes, I clearly know wayyyy too much about this show. It's my thing. Let it go.

So, yes I am proud to say that my dentist reminds me of Mel Silver in demeanor and he sort of looks like him too.....Sadly, I don't really have a Peach Pit or a Nat to go to with my problems. Well, you can't have it all.....can you?

This is also the episode when the Walshes almost die in a plane....

and David dumps Donna due to sexual frustration.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I HATE Injustice.

Do you all remember the West Memphis Three? In 1993, 3 little boys were brutally murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas. In turn, 3 teenage boys were arrested and convicted of the crime. Their arrest and conviction came about after one of the boys, with an IQ of 70 and no parent or lawyer present, confessed after hours of interrogation. There was all sorts of mumbo-jumbo about this being a Satanic crime. This case was brought to my attention again this morning via a new CNN article about the case.

I always believed that it was one of the backwoods step-fathers of one of the victims. Now, Terry Hobbs (one of the step-dads) is linked to the crime via DNA evidence found at the crime scene. Additionally, the parents of the victims now believe the convicted are actually innocent.

(Terry Hobbs,probable murderer)

There was a 2 part documentary about the crime, called Paradise Lost. If you have never seen them, I urge you to do so- Netflix that bizzzzz. Or, if you are feeling cheap and or lazy, watch it all for free on YouTube.

(Look at that, I do all the work for you...)

I really hope that our justice system rights the wrong here and puts the right bastard(s) in jail to rot. If you care to know more about the case, check out their support and here.

Save me....

from myself.

BLERG! I have had one of those days when I feel like sticking needles in my eyes every time someone speaks to me. I decided to go see a movie with a dear friend. My reprieve was a totes predictable, but surprisingly enjoyable, rom-com for middle-agers. Sadly, it was the only highlight of my day. The rest of the time I tired not to scream when anyone asked me a question, or looked at me. At this point, I think my only solution is to force myself to sleep. Clearly, that life detox, I mentioned in my last post, is needed, desperately. Either that or I need to get myself to the LA Gun Club for target practice (jk).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Detox

I am a firm believer that one must detox after Christmas. I mean this both literally and figuratively. Today was spent laying in bed, watching movies, reading, looking at my Xmas loot. Now, I seriously need to detox from the food- the type and the sheer volume- I have consumed the past few days. Ugh. I feel pretty pretty pretty gross. No joke- tomorrow morning will begin with yoga and fruit. I need to embrace L.A. and get all fitnessy.

I also think that it might be a good time of year to detox my mind- from life....I need to, write, avoid Internet....ok maybe not entirely....but you get the general idea. If anyone has some good life detox suggestions....I would gladly accept them. I feel a New Year's resolution list coming on....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

See all that attitude, is unnecessary dude.

Hi. So, as anyone who reads this blog knows, I get the occasional hate comment and/or email on here. Sometimes, these comments are less occasional and more usual. Most of the time, I could care less. I have only deleted 2 comments in the history of this blog- both from the same "anonymous" person, both calling me a n-word lover (in reference to my Lil Wayne obsession).

Yesterday, while I was out and about in the world, I encountered some major road rage, from some kook, who actually backed his car down an alley, got out and hurled a bottle at me. The weird part was, I hadn't done anything! I didn't cut him off, there was no near accident, no aggressive driving, slow driving, etc. I guess maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time??? About 15 minutes after that, I was cruising along and had to stop for a car that was backing into a parking space. I couldn't go forward or I would hit the car in front of me. I guess the crazy old guy behind me didn't realize this because he laid on his horn. When we were finally able to move, he changed lanes and zoomed up next to me cursing and acting generally nuts.

I turned down a side street, pulled my car over to take a breath. And, there were some tears. Tears because I can't comprehend all the hate. Tears because anger is scary. And tears because it is such a waste of energy, that in turn creates more negativity.

It got me thinking about the haters here on the world wide webzzz. What's with all the hostility dudes? If you don't like what I write, don't read it. If I piss you off, it's ok to tell me so...but you don't have to call me a whore or a skank or a bitch to do so.

I for one am going to try to be nicer- nicer to strangers who may cut me off in traffic, nicer to my loved ones, and even nicer to myself. It is Christmas after all. So, if you are out there among the masses, stressed out from all the holiday jazz, take a breath and be nice. Being nice is contagious after all, as is feeling good. Spread some love and joy instead of being a negative creep.

Thanks for letting me ramble, I'm gonna go spit on some strangers now. (kidding)