Friday, August 14, 2009

Double Feature

Ok, in keeping with the sexy, stylish, horror film from the 70s yourself a favor and get acquainted with director Nicolas Roeg .
In particular, spend some time with another one of my favorites "Don't Look Now." Stylish, haunting and timeless, it features some of the best editing ever, a lesson in absolute perfection of building suspense and the best love scene ever (between the divine Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland). This is one of my top 5 favorite films of all time and DEFINITELY a date movie. This film could seduce me in under a minute flat.....although, I may not be our average "target audience." Again, enjoy both the trailer and a clip below and please don't speak to me until you have watched this film in its entirety. Thanks.
(PS. The second clip features the love scene and is NSFW)


Cali said...

Me and Jenna just watched this amazing movie. Erin, welcome to the internets!

zanimal said...

don't look now is the SCARIEST MOVIE EVER!!

erin said...

Thanks Cali!!! Zan, I concur. Best suspense building ever!!!!