Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I was wrong about something.

Ok, I was telling someone the other day about the film My Bodyguard. I love this movie. It's about this kid who is getting bullied at school and hires the school outcast to be his bodyguard. It came out in 1980, but I caught onto it sometime in the mid-late 80s. It was one of those movies they would play on Saturday afternoons. Seriously, you should watch it. Young Matt Dillon, kooky old Ruth Gordon, high school dramz. It's great, trust me. (Yes, I am aware that I relate too well to high school plots.)

Now, about my mistake. The movie came up because we were watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent, which you know is what you do on a Saturday night. Anyways, in my mind it was Vincent D'Onofrio, who played the "bodyguard." When I looked it up today, I found that I was wrong. It was Adam Baldwin (no relation to the Baldwin Brothers) who played Ricky Linderman. All this time I have had a weird crush on Vincent D'Onofrio, merely because he was the bodyguard. But, he was not Ricky Linderman!!!!!! So, I fucked up. I am a big enough person to admit this slip in mental accuracy.

Regardless of my failings, it is worth a watch or a re-watch.

How stupes is this trailer!

and a couple of clips....I think you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.


Ben Grieme: SCRAPS said...

Tested and approved. Solid.

erin said...

I would not steer you wrong.