Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ask Erin!-"Torn" and "Jugsy"

Welcome to the first installment of Ask Erin! Yeah! I have questions to answer. Just so you all know- the identity of all questioners shall remain anonymous, unless requested.

The first question of the day is from "Torn": How do you decide to get out of a relationship if you genuinely love the person, but if you see no future?

Dear Torn,

Well, as for the deciding part.....I guess you need to figure out if you are willing to enjoy whatever is there between you now, regardless of any future. I like to think of it this way- are you more concerned with today or tomorrow? If you live for the moment, then by all means ride this wave to the end. If you are looking for a more long-term partnership and this person is clearly not long-term material for you, then I suggest you sever those ties before either one of you wastes anymore time.

Life is short. Choose happiness. From my experience, people seldom if you are hoping to stick it out and wait for the guy or girl to change- then you may be setting yourself up for aggravation and disappointment. As I said- this is a two part decision: 1. Are you happy with today or do you need to know about tomorrow? 2. If the answer is the latter, then cut it loose.


Question #2 comes from "Jugsy": Okay, Ms. RarelyWrong, I have a grammar question for you. What's the rule that determines whether you use "er" and "est" versus using "more" and "most"? And, how many grammatical errors are in the preceding sentence? ;-)

My husband and I were having a disagreement the other day. One of us maintains that you cannot say "more cold" (as opposed to "colder") when comparing levels of coldness and the other insisted that it was perfectly okay to do so. I know I am right, but how do I prove this to him?

Dearest Jugsy,

We use "-er" when comparing 2 things, as in, "She is the smarter of the two." We use "-est" when comparing more than 2 things, as in, "She is the smartest of them all."

More and most are generally used before words with 3 or more syllables, rather than adding "-er" or "-est."

That being said. there are exceptions to most rules in the English language!! However, to answer your question- colder would be the appropriate form.

Thanks for the questions!!!! Keep them coming!

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