Monday, October 19, 2009

"It's a sin to kill a mockingbird."

I had a dream last night about a mockingbird, or more specifically, my mockingbird. Last April, what I believe to have been a mockingbird (after much interweb research), perched directly outside my bedroom window for about 2 weeks. I know this, not because I saw it, but because it sang, loudly, every night, about 3 feet from my head. It would whistle and tweet and screech and sing and run through a gamut of varying bird sounds and non-bird sounds. Every night, for these 2 weeks, that bird would start up, around midnight. I am assuming it was a he (again, based on my interweb search). He would mimic his way through about 2 hours. Then take a break, then start up again around 4.

I wanted to kill this bird. I have such severe insomnia to begin with, I certainly didn't need any help in this area. At a certain point, I started to ponder bird symbology. Many people believe they are messengers from the other side, of the dead. In mythology, birds were often used as messengers, supernatural forces, etc. I began to wonder if the bird was trying to tell me something.

At this point, I was a little creeped out. If I went to bed after midnight, it seemed the bird would wait until I was quietly tucked in bed. Then it would start up its chaotic song. After about 10 days, Melinda was in town visiting. I told her about my feathered frienemy. We were up late, in my room, chatting away, when the bird began his nightly revue. He seemed louder than ever before. Melinda opened my window and yelled at him, "What? What is it you want to say? You're keeping Erin awake at night and she needs to sleep." No lie, the bird stopped, for a few hours at least. A couple of days later, the bird was gone. Either I got the message, or he just gave up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe that bird was trying tot ell you you're stupid

kk said...

Your blog confuses me. What's your deal?

brendan donnelly said...

agreed. i had an out of body experience with a crow a few weeks ago. birds are messengers from our ancestors and reincarnated family members looking out for us. i feed these crows everyday and they follow me around now! also, the thunderbird is a powerful bird in native american folklore.

what's so confusing about your blog? i don't get that comment.

erin said...

Anonymous- "tot ell?" Maybe I am too stupid to understand your language.

KK- I am sorry to hear you are so confused. Perhaps some medication would help with that. My deal? I am clearly a bitch.

Brendan- every day in my back yard- a flock of crows.