Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sometimes I think my life would be smoother/easier/less stressful/more fun if I gave everyone a map, my map. I would gladly accept your map too. Then we would know. You would know what turns me on, what suffocates me, what draws me to you and what repels me. Conversely, I would know what not to say, when to run and how not to make a mess of things. Perhaps if we all had maps, we could make them pocket-sized, and hand them out when we first meet people, like an exaggerated business card. "Hello, here is an outline of what you need to know. You will find an index in the back for quick reference. I look forward to our friendship/business relationship/affair/rivalry/social acquaintance." Think of all the time and energy we could save. Although, I guess one could argue that discovery is the exciting part.


musformation said...

Did we have this discussion once? I don't think discovery is the exciting part if anything it is usually the frustrating part. Waiting for someone to guess right and than one or the other of you isn't down for what has been discussed isn't exciting. Rather boring and time consuming. Good post!

trey said...

you definitely need to hand out a map.

erin said...

Jesse- yes we may have had this very discussion!

Trey- a map such as this would be useless to you.