Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Michigan Frogs

Remember Michigan J. Frog? I do. I constructed a whole theory once about certain men and the vain hope that they may in fact be a Michigan Frog. Allow me to explain. Ladies, have you known those guys who are somewhat quiet, usually very cute, ooze a certain leaky sexual energy? Have you had that feeling- "I bet he is a secret genius, super talented and witty?" You think to yourself, maybe he's like Michigan J. Frog, hiding his talent and wit from the world- at some point, it will be revealed to me! I'm gonna be the one to discover this hidden gem!

But....No. He's not. The truth is he's just not very bright. What seems all mysterious and pensive is just an empty head. It's always such a disappointment. There's nothing worse for me than a dumb dude.



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Is this directed at me?