Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of all the dreams that we dream....

This morning I woke up, like many of us do, from a dream, I tend to dream quite vividly and retain most of what I dream. So, on this October morning, I dreamt of Death in Venice. Do you know it? It's a novella written by Thomas Mann that was also adapted into a Visconti film. The story is basically about a famous artist (having some sort of mid-life crisis) who, while vacationing near Venice, becomes obsessed with a beautiful teen aged boy. Meanwhile, there is a cholera epidemic sweeping Venice. There's such a beautiful juxtaposition between this unspoken desire and this external decay. I highly recommend both the novella and the film.

Back to the dream....I dreamt of this story last night, as an observer in my own dream. It was sort of heartbreaking and also beautiful. Whoever does the cinematography in my dreams, is really fucking talented! It was literally like watching the movie in my head. I have no idea what this all means...just watch or read or both.

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