Monday, October 5, 2009


Sometimes 6 year-olds rule. Atticus and I have a band. One of many for him. He came up with a name for us- T.O.B. I asked him what it stands for and he replied "Tears of Blood!" The best part was that he said it like I should know that is what T.O.B. stands for. Maybe he heard about this?


Phaedra Blue said...

maybe he saw that show on the national geographic channel about a girl who cries blood. love the name! very goth...can i get a t-shirt please?

erin said...

We have to make t-shirts! Brillz! His band names are always entertaining!

Mugsy and Jugsy said...

Steven and I got such a kick out of this story! We can only hope our future kid is as cool ;-)