Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday, I saw Where the Wild Things Are. I loved it. It seems that the majority of people I know did not. Their feelings about it ranged from boredom to hatred. There is a clear disconnect between myself and most people I know. I can tell you this. I watched the film with a 6 year old boy. He raged with the wild things, he connected to the loneliness and the desire for love, he cried with their pain, he longed for their "pile." He got it. He was not bored. He was amused, delighted and clearly moved, as was I. For us it was not long, it was not too abstract, it was the furthest thing from boring. Perhaps 6 year old boys have attention spans that far exceed those of the average adult.

People have said that it was nothing like the book. For me, it expanded upon exactly what the book made me feel as a child. The book left a lot unsaid. I believe that this film said a lot, and what was said accurately echoes the spirit of the book. As children and as adults, many of us have felt like wild things ourselves. I surely have. If you haven't, feel free to delete me from your address book.

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philip said...

I loved it too. I wouldn't delete you from my address book.