Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fantasy Snacks

Today, I joined the throngs of Americans at the grocery store. Walking down the frozen food aisle, an old love caught my eye....Stouffer's French Bread Pizza. I love love loved this weird pizza-ish food as a kid, as a teenager, and, occasionally, as a janky adult. Some of you may understand the love I have for this frozen treat.

It took restraint to not pick up a box. But, I stuck to the list I had been given by my dad and stepmom and forged ahead. This did, however, get me to thinking about all those foods I have secretly loved over the years, most of which were denied me as a child. They were the foods I looked forward to having access to at friends' houses, houses that were not under the all natural- low fat- fresh and always good for you- regime that my mother implemented in our home. I longed for Top Ramen, Ding Dongs, Coke, King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (theeee best)....pretty much a whole list of crap filled with corn syrup and preservatives. Once in a blue moon, I would be allowed to purchase one of these items at the was always a blessed event!

I also started thinking about some of my least favorite food inventions that were popular amongst friends when I was a kid. Remember Goober?

I am a die-hard PB&J fan- but this stuff is gross. I remember being so bummed when that's what was pulled out at a friend's house, when sandwich making time rolled around. I think they still make it. I will confess, however to loving those Crustables- frozen white bread pockets (with no crusts naturlich!) with PB&J inside. I have been known to eat one at the airport. Chef Boyardee products- I never understood...never liked any of them. I had a friend all through elementary school, Suzanne, and her mom had the best janky food options. She used to serve Steak Ums.....which to my shock are still on the market!!

These were often served at her house, poolside, with a glass of Crystal Light. They were really pretty disgusting, but the concept appealed to us in some way. Ahhhh, memories. What foods turned you on as a kid?

For your viewing pleasure.....

(starring Ralphie- you'll shoot your eye out!)

("double stuff action" and "double middle muncher" sound duuurtttttyyyy)

Back to regularly scheduled programming......


Anonymous said...

I liked smoking those candy cigarettes! Remember those? You don't see them around anymore! I could write volumes on this topic, but I won't. I will say, though, that Captain Crunch is possibly the best sugary cereal ever!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Erin!!

Sadako said...

Oh, memories. I love Stouffer's french bread pizza.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah!