Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have a secret passion...

for Martha Stewart. I know she can be a bitch. I know she can make us all feel like underachievers. I know she is wayyyyy too Connecticut. But, I love her. I was reminded of this once again this morning, by a video posted on dlisted. Watch, love, learn.

While we are on the subject of her awesomeness- have you had the pleasure of watching whatever, Martha!? Martha's daughter and a friend watch old segments of Martha's various shows and make fun of her. It's pretty funny. I love a lady who can laugh at herself, or at least, allow others to do so.

(Can I please have a dinner party with Martha, Conan and Lil Wayne? K, thanksssssss)


brendan donnelly said...

martha stewart used to live in the town next to where i grew up, so everyone had a horror story about her or in some way or another worked for her and said she was the devil

she lived across the street from my friend and was a total bitch. my friends mom would pay us $10 to poison her garden whenever she complain about them. fondest connecticut memory.

the abc made for tv movie about her was pretty sweet.

erin said...

I know....I am sure she's awful, but I also love her.