Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm getting married!!!!

But, he doesn't know it yet. Last night, I rolled to the Cinefamily to see the Lil Wayne documentary, The Carter. I am in love. Now, perhaps you think that this would be an odd choice for my next husband. I don't know what it is- tragic, syrup-addicted, genius rappers- melt my icy heart. Sigh. You should really try to see this movie, because I want you to get acquainted with the man I love. Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, I'm ready to live my life with double cups, A&W root beer, LV suitcases stashed with cash. Let's do this.

RJ made these awesome shirts out of a photo he took of Lil

Pretty much my new uniform.

The Carter

Back off my man Miss Katie!

part 2

old episode of Cribs (thanks Brendan!)


Anonymous said...

I can't think of a more appropriate choice fo you.

brendan donnelly said...

"i'm a gangsta ms katie"
young money weezy for president.

you beat me to posting this.

nicole kenney said...

you're a woman of many surprises!!!! ;))) ...but a) we've only just met so i don't really know your taste and b) now that i've seen the clips, i can totally see the attraction!! i love the people who live so fiercely independent and yet throw everyone off by falling out of the box most people put them in. i have a new found respect for him and now i can't wait to see the movie!! thanks for the education! xo

philip said...

Um, back off Lil Wayne?

Psyched and Such said...

I fell in love with Wayne when I watched his behind the music. He's such a pocket hottie. Plus I agree, what's inside a mans plastic cup is no one's business but thier own.

erin said...

Lil Wayne por vida!