Friday, November 6, 2009

Look deep into my crystal ball.

Yesterday afternoon, in addition to wearing my old/new necklace for the first time, I attended a lovely gathering at my dear friend Jugsy's house. It was a fortune telling cocktail lunch party for ladies. OMG, it was soooooo much fun. I learned many many things. I was also in awe of the large beautiful breasts on everyone there. The size of my bosom clearly paled in comparison....what can I say, I have foxy friends. But, I digress.

To get that party started, Jugsy made a champagne/vodka/raspberry punch that was cramazing. It was not overly sweet, was totally refreshing and did not taste of alcohol at all! (please excuse my crappy iPhone pic- I was tipsy, what do you want from me?)

Then, to continue her quest to get me sloshed, she whipped up a "Black Lagoon." Her mixology skills were very impressive. This one, for starters, was black, with anise infused black ice cubes- I have no idea what else was in it- other than an infused rosemary simple syrup. Suffice it to say, it was delicious and ensured my good mood. (these are her pics, as mine got progressively bad with each drink)

OK, on to the good part. Well, I got my chart done, astrology chart that is and here's the rundown: Scorpio, Libra rising, Libra moon, but Pluto conjuncts my moon (which I guess means that my Scorpio-ness has a grip on my moon too). Also, Venus in Capricorn, Mercury in Scorpio, and Mars in Aries. I am not fully sure what all of this means- but I have a full-course reading coming my way soon. Perhaps, if you are one of my haters, you can figure out my chart and use it against me. Don't tell me I never gave you anything.

Then, I had a 2 Tarot readings, an energy reading and a coffee reading. I have been well read. I learned a lot. I also learned a lot about other people who popped up in my readings (how rude! get your own!).

All in all, it was a fantastic CRAFTernoon (like the movie, not the hobby). Thanks ladies!!!!


Mugsy and Jugsy said...

Aww, Erin! Thanks for all your lovely words!!! I always love reading your posts, but even just a tiny bit more when they're (kind of) about ME!!!!!!

You were a vital part of the beautiful energy we all created yesterday. Time spent with you never seems like enough!!!

Lots and lots of love,

P.s. Your breasts fit in just fine! ;-)

erin said...

My breasts say thank you.

Anonymous said...

I read auras. Yours looks like the redlight district.

jetgirl000 said...

Hey Anonymous,

Get a life! You only WISH you could be as talented and interesting as Erin!

Anonymous said...

haters and skaters fuck off.

kk said...

the best part of your blog is the comments.

trey said...

Your comments never cease to amaze me. You're doing something right.

brendan donnelly said...

i agree with trey and jetgirl....although the red light district aura was a pretty good zing.

erin said...

I love you all.

nicole said...

i'm JUST seeing this post and as one of the attendees of said CRAFTernoon fortune telling party, i totally concur!! it was a great time had by all and lara is AMAZING with her lovely brews and potions!! she and steven were fabulous hosts and getting to meet someone new (you! ;)) who i can share these metaphysical leanings with was a special treat!!! i'm looking forward to going into your chart more with you so let's make that happen! LOVE your blog!!!!! xo, n.

Oh, and my tits send a special thanks for the shout out... We were all in equal company!! ;)