Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mrs. G., where are you when I need you?

Remember The Facts of Life? Which one would you have been? Sadly, my friends say I would have been Blair, but I always saw myself as a white Tootie (It would be fun to wear roller skates in the house.). They're really only saying that because I was a spoiled kid (with stuff, not in spirit!) I wish that now, in my house, filled with the ever evolving cast of characters, I had my own Mrs. Garrett, to guide me (and everyone else) in making all those little and big decisions we are faced with in life. She could cook for us, sit in the kitchen and discuss what's keeping us up late, give us rules to follow and break and then follow again, and make sure we don't get arrested, date the wrong dude, or fuck up too badly in any other area.

("Dope" episode clip)


Anonymous said...

was blair the slutty one? you would be which ever one was the slut.

erin said...

Yawn. Aren't you bored of calling me a slut?

brendan donnelly said...

when did 13 year olds start reading your blog?

peanut butter and jealousy!