Friday, November 13, 2009

Sleepaway Camp

Remember this one? I was reminded of it the other night when I saw The Carter and cemented my love for Lil Wayne. (I'm gonna see how many posts I can manage to reference Lil Wayne in.) Anywayzzzz, there was a poster up for Sleepaway Camp, one of my teen horror favorites.

When I was in the 7th grade, at a cheerleader slumber party (don't hate), we watched this movie. It's one of those 80s horror-at-summer camp flicks, but with a twist. The ending is really what stuck with me. I was so scurrrred that I could scarcely participate in our slumber party pranks, like freezing the bra of the first girl who passed out. You can watch it below (not for children)- unless you want to Netflix that bitch and experience it for the first time in all of its glory.

the trailer

the ending (spoiler alert!)

I guess there are sequels to this beloved film. I have not seen them, but you can find out all about them on The Official Sleepaway Camp Site. Maybe I will make my own slasher movie, called Creep-Away Camp. It will be semi-autobiographical- obvs.