Friday, December 18, 2009


I feel like the Grinch has stolen my Christmas. I'm not gonna lie. I feel seriously lowwwww. I don't have a specific reason to feel crappy. Maybe it is the stress of the past few weeks catching up to me. Maybe it's the end of another year. Maybe it's LA. Maybe it's the impending doom of feeling I may not love Lil Wayne's new album. Whatever it is, I am consciously trying to shake it off.

This is my fave time of year after all. I am totally a Christmas person....I love all the Santa/Ho Ho Ho/Rudolph/Frosty hullabaloo. I'm not afraid to admit that. But, for some reason I'm not really feeling it this year.

I have far better posts in the pipeline, including three great Ask Erin! questions to answer, but I can't get myself there today. Blerg.


Anonymous said...

i would be deppressed if i was you to.

philip said...

Anonymous, you are an asshole. I hope you're feeling better Erin.

erin said...

I would be even more depressed, if I couldn't spell the word depressed....or if I didn't understand the grammatical difference between to and too. I'm just saying.....thank you Anonymous, you have really cheered me up.

brendan donnelly said...

agreed. i don't feel the holiday spirit at all right now. fucking LA.