Monday, December 28, 2009

I HATE Injustice.

Do you all remember the West Memphis Three? In 1993, 3 little boys were brutally murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas. In turn, 3 teenage boys were arrested and convicted of the crime. Their arrest and conviction came about after one of the boys, with an IQ of 70 and no parent or lawyer present, confessed after hours of interrogation. There was all sorts of mumbo-jumbo about this being a Satanic crime. This case was brought to my attention again this morning via a new CNN article about the case.

I always believed that it was one of the backwoods step-fathers of one of the victims. Now, Terry Hobbs (one of the step-dads) is linked to the crime via DNA evidence found at the crime scene. Additionally, the parents of the victims now believe the convicted are actually innocent.

(Terry Hobbs,probable murderer)

There was a 2 part documentary about the crime, called Paradise Lost. If you have never seen them, I urge you to do so- Netflix that bizzzzz. Or, if you are feeling cheap and or lazy, watch it all for free on YouTube.

(Look at that, I do all the work for you...)

I really hope that our justice system rights the wrong here and puts the right bastard(s) in jail to rot. If you care to know more about the case, check out their support and here.


cougs said...

i just watched both those documentaries a few months ago. scared the living shit out of me. those kids were convicted with no true evidence. in a bigger city, that case would've been thrown out of court for lack of evidence. also, i'm going to burn for saying this but some southern accents instantly make a person sound not so smart. oh, and the one scary step dad - the inbred looking one - i thought for sure he had something to do with the murders. he's bat shit fucking crazy and mean as all get out. thanks for the update on the case.

erin said...

Right? The most insane miscarriage of justice. Hey, do you wanna submit a top ten list for end of the year blogggggggg? If so, email me.

trey said...

wow. i remember that doc. i knew it was one of those skeevy dads.

philip said...

I have never seen these but I'm going to now! Thanks!