Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I know nothing of real human suffering.

(Peter Callesen)

I am mid Law & Order SVU marathon. I am also on a plane. I may have just been crying, on a plane, watching an episode. Said episode was about a Serb war criminal who was murdered by 2 of his former victims. They stabbed him 37 times and cut off his penis. This war criminal had raped at least 67 women ("ethnic cleansing") and murdered countless men and children. The 2 "murderers" were a young woman, who was raped by this man for 23 days straight after watching the rest of her family be rounded up and shot, and an older woman who witnessed him murder her husband and 4 year old grandson with an axe.

Now, I understand that this is television, but the gut-wrenching truth is that these sorts of war crimes continue to happen around the world. I could absolutely kill someone like this with my bare hands. I have no doubt about it. I am not always a believer in an eye for an eye, but the human part of me is far too large to contain the rage I feel towards these sorts of monsters.

This brings me to my point. All of my griping, my angst, fretting over the minutiae of my life....it's bullshit. I have no concept of that sort of suffering, that sort of trauma. I would venture to guess that, if you're reading this, neither do you. We could all be doing more. That's an easy observation. I have a suggestion for you, one that I am going to follow- in the spirit of the holidays, let's do 2 things:
1. Get informed. Here are some places you can do that. We all "know" that this stuff exists, but when was the last time you really took time out of your day to comprehend what was happening? I am saying this as much for you as for myself.

Human Rights Watch
Human Rights First
Amnesty International

2. Why not do something in your own hood. Go volunteer- teach a kid to read, feed the homeless, donate Christmas presents, donate time, donate money....DO SOMETHING. I promise it will make you feel better. It might even get you laid- because nothing is more attractive than someone who actually gives a shit about someone or something that is outside of their own little world. (volunteer.org)

(Disclaimer.....having said all this, I will go back to answering your janky Ask Erin! questions, writing about my crazy thoughts and my obsession with Lil Wayne. Thanks for reading.)


Anonymous said...

Your getting preachy now?

erin said...

So sorry, but I am preachy about basic grammar. You're is the correct contraction of "you are." Your designates possession. Hate me harder.

Anonymous said...

you want to help the world? try being less of a skanky whore

bonnie said...

oh my god!!! i am dying...D Y I N G....
Those comments made my life a little better today.... thank you!!!

erin said...

Bonnie, you're welcome!

As for the anonymous comments....unless you've had sex with me, you really shouldn't be determining my level of skankiness.