Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ask Erin! (All Over the Map Edition)

Kiddies, the Ask Erin! questions are varied this week. Let's do this.

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do you have any suggestions on how to meet dudes in la?

Well, that's a tricky question. Are you a dude asking me this or a lady? Also, I don't know your age/taste/etc. I will say, generally speaking that my favorite way to meet dudes, in any city, is in any environment outside of a bar/club/what have you. Guys are everywhere....shopping at Whole Foods, waiting in line at the ArcLight, wandering around Amoeba, lurking at Intelligentsia (just ask RJ), even perusing the aisles of Target! I have found in life that if you want to meet people, you just need to really, truly be open to it. When you are, I swear, they will come out of the woodwork. So go about your life...have fun....get out of the house....play with your friends- and just keep your energy open! (Barring all this advice, you can always try Craigslist!)


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thong, bikini, or none?

If you are asking me personally, I prefer a bikini brief or boy short. Seriously, ladies, thongs are unsexy. Ditch them. Also, I can't get behind the no underwear thing. Need to protect your treasure....keep it safe and clean!


Dear Erin,

I'm a 32 year old dude. I have been dating a woman for the past 6 months who is pretty much everything I have been looking for. I think I want to marry her. But, there's a hitch. She comes from a super religious background. Still goes to church with her parents every week. I'm an atheist. I don't want to be a part of her church stuff, although I don't really care if she goes. But, could we really get married and have kids with such different ideologies?
-chafed by church

Dear Chafed by Church,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but honestly, if you are on such opposite ends of the spectrum, I kinda think marriage is a no-go for you guys. It would be one thing if you had similar beliefs but you just didn't go to church all the time....but what if you have kids? How would you feel if she insisted they be indoctrinated with all that religion? And, conversely for her, if she is that devout, how will she reconcile that her partner in life, and fatter of her children doesn't believe in God. As much as you may love each other, I gotta say I think it is better for both of you to cut your losses and find a partner who wants the same things out of life. Sozzy.



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