Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ask Erin!- Trudging through the Pile!

Well, I have been getting all sorts of interesting Ask Erin! questions with that there old formspring box....oh yeah, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nice to see that someone out there still despises me, but that is a story for another day. Let's get to these questions, shall we!

erin, why are you rarely wrong? xo

Well, there a few contributing factors:

1. I have already made so many many many mistakes and learned from them, that I happen to know what I'm talking about, on a variety of topics. I have already been there, done it wrong, and learned how to do it again.

2. I have an extremely accurate memory. If you tell me some detail about your life, I am bound to remember it, so don't go a trying to change the facts later! This also makes me really good at remembering useless trivia. (Yes, I realize this is an annoying personality trait.)

3. You already know I am right. Stop fighting it.



Do you think all men cheat?

This is not a simple question. However, to answer it at face value, no, I do not think that all men cheat. That being said, I think that anyone has the potential to cheat, men and women alike. I looked into the statistics and polls, and it seems that they average out to just around 1/2 of all men and 1/2 of all women have cheated on someone at some point.

Confession, I used to be a cheater. Cheated in every relationship I was ever in. A few years back, as I finally began to grow up and get honest with myself, I found that I was not capable of the type of lying that goes hand in hand with cheating. As hard as it is to be honest about what you need or want or can or can't do, it's so much easier than being deceitful, carrying a lie around with you. Blech. Sounds awful to me now.

On the flip side, I have also been on the other side of cheating and it sucks. There's nothing worse than knowing someone has cheated, they deny it, and then you feel crazy. I think that men or women that cheat often will cheat again. There are people who change. I changed and I have known others who changed as well.

So, to go back to the original, all men do not cheat. But, some do!


will you marry me?

Ummmm, since this is an anonymous question, no. How can I answer this question legitimately if I don't know who's asking??? And, if I were to say yes to an unknown asker, what kind of cuckoo bird would I be? You wouldn't wanna marry me, if I actually said yes, because that would mean I am crazy! Unless, you are crazy too, and you are hoping that I will be the crazy bride you have always wanted? Blerg.


what are your thoughts on hallucinogens? good idea or bad idea? do with gf or just friends?

This is a loaded question (all puns intended, always). I think that hallucinogens are not a good idea for everyone. I am assuming that you have not indulged in hallucinogens before. Let me first ask you a couple of questions: Do you have an alcohol or drug addiction? Have you ever become paranoid while under the influence of marijuana? If you answered yes or maybe to either or both of these questions, then no, I don't think they are a good idea for you.

If you are a fairly sane person, who can handle your shizzz, then yeah I think it can be a worthwhile experience with the right people/setting etc. Honestly though, if you are gonna do it, and you have never done it before, don't do it with the girlfriend. Do it with a friends or friends whom you trust. I advise that you do it with someone who has done it before and is level-headed. It can be a totally fun/amazing experience under the right circumstances....just remember to be safe. Do not drive, ever, under the influence. Have fun...and if you go through with it, write to me and let me know how it all goes down!


Alright, my jaw hurts (Yes I went to the dentist AGAIN. Actually, I lied, was the oral surgeon.). I will get to answering more tomorrow. Keep those questions coming, and I will answer them all eventually! Use the formspring box on your right, to keep things totes anonymous, or, go old school and email me-


Anonymous said...

Women cheat more than men for sure.

j said...

maybe you can hire yourself out as a peyote guide.