Monday, January 4, 2010

Bonnie warms our hearts with a Top Ten List!

My gal pal Bonnie (I actually do mean pal, not a veiled term for lesbian lover) emailed me her very own Top Ten List to add to the bunch. Loves it. Thanks bitch!


This is what I have to offer.

After sitting around for 2 days, waiting patiently for another round of Charlie's dry heaving.... I finally put to use all that time I had, and decided to partake of the ever popular, Jersey Shore.
(I realize I am coming in a little late on the obsession, but, hey, I don't have a tv) I have also been reading the various postings of all the brilliant people in your life.

So because my 2009 was indeed a rough one... (if you know me, you know the story) and I couldn't muster up any "best of" lists for it AND I don't consider myself to be anywhere as brilliant as any of these other people, I have decided to contribute what I consider the top ten list of things from my level of brain power... that being, "things that warm my heart on Jersey Shore".

Top Ten Things that warm my heart from Jersey Shore (in order).

10. Vinny's Family dinner.
9. Angelina's luggage.
8. Mike The Situation's uncanny resemblance to Dave Gahan.
7. Ronnie's mother and her strapless dress.
6. Boardwalk t-shirt shops, and the people who shop there.
5. Jenni J-Woww's fascinating tits.
4. Bean bags.
3. Tight, white, cuffed shorts.
2. Male lip gloss.
1. Snooki's pink fuzzy slippers.

and for a bonus:

Snooki's waistline, or lack thereof.

All my love for the new year to everyone!



Lara said...

Thank you, Bonnie, for solving the mystery of why Mike "The Situation" looked so familiar to me!!!!!!!!!

It's so simple; it's genious!

Sadako said...

Male lip gloss. Eeeew.