Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's get this party started....Top Ten by Cali Thornhill deWitt

As promised, here we go 2010...let's kick it off right. Presenting TOP TEN 2009 by Cali.....

(photo by Cali)

TOP TEN 2009

1. getting engaged to my old lady on feb 9 in joshua tree
2. the honor and privilege of having both Mark McCoy and Peter Sutherland do openings at the Hope Gallery
3. another year with Caramel Bobby
4. everything Mississippi Records released this year
5. Nick deWitt, Lucky Dragons and Infinite Body at Ooga Booga
6. Antichrist
7. my therapist, Martin Malles
8. everything released by Youth Attack
9. Los Angeles, in general
10.And the book, 'Factis And His Jacket', that Jenna made me for my birthday

These are all top ten moments, yes, but I could have just as easily done a top 100. It seems that my life really does get better every year.
That said, I am not into languishing sentimentality, I am into moving forward. So here it is, another year - Let's go!

Thank you my friend! Catch up with Cali here and here.

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