Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Pit and the Pendulum

By pit, I mean the pit of the bottom of my stomach, which from time to time aches with angst. By pendulum, I mean how my mood can swing from day to day, back and forth, optimistic to totally depressed.

Yesterday was a bad day. After feeling all chipper about life for a couple of days, I found myself trying to avoid that gnawing feeling inside that nothing is quite right. It was a bad day. Today, I feel......better, to say the least. Maybe it's because it was a productive day- got some of the annoying errands of life ticked off the list, as well as back to the writing project that is my true work.

I think, at the end of the proverbial day, I am an optimist, sometimes a depressed optimist, but an optimist nonetheless. It's about to be Saturday night. I am actually going out, on a Saturday night. (I generally hate weekend nightlife.) I will smile and be nice and remember to not judge. So, go on, get out there. It's a brand new decade, try something new.

(I am log overdue for a Lil Wayne post.....)


Anonymous said...

You are a pit. You don't deserve a pendelum.

erin said...

Seriously? You misspelled pendulum, and you could have just looked at the flipping title of the post for the correct spelling. Jesus.

Psyched and Such said...

How about a thank you for the Lil Wayne picture Anonymous? It's just good manners.