Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Positive Thugs

OMG....there was some scurrrryy police activity in front of my house tonight. Apparently, gangs like to come to my nice, quiet cul-de-sac to conduct their biz. Me no likey. Earlier, I was text messaging with a bro and through a typo- came the term "positive thug." I said, "Aha! This shall be my gang...The Positive Thugs and we will force happiness and kindness on people." He shattered my sad little dream when he informed me that there is some biker gang or something by that name.

I did a little google search, because I don't believe everything people tell me....and I found no evidence of said gang. I did however find this Youtube video, posted by "LILBLEUDEUCE," who I obvs must contact as the first inductee into my gang.

I feel that if I am going to start a gang, it should be a biker gang, so I can kill 2 fantasies with one stone.

RarelyWrongErin is an appropriate gang name, no? Ok, maybe I need something tougher? Head Bitch of the CCP? (If you know where I live, you will know what the CCP stands for, if you don't know where I live- then I don't want you to!)

Pretty Lady will be in my gang too. We will call her PLK (pronounced pluck)- stands for "pretty lady killer."

Trust. She will slay you (with cuteness).

Possible gang looks for The Positive Thugs, TPT(cuz we will need a style, obvs):


brendan donnelly said...

you're welcome

trey said...

your dog kills me.

Lara said...

Very funny & cute!

Still wondering why anyone would want to kill a fantasy, regardless of how many stones would be used?


Anonymous said...

how does anyone find you intersting or attractive?