Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top Ten from Adriana (4426deg)

The gorgeous Ms. Adriana kindly sent me her Top Ten List. Thank you lovely lady!!!

"top 10 reasons why i'm glad 2009 is over and i'm apprehensive/happy about 2010"

10. we are now one year closer to 2012, stock up on your ammo (zombies?)

9. celebrity death trends

8. epic season finale to Dexter!

7. pro: Anderson Cooper keeps getting foxier, con: Glenn Beck is still allowed to speak

6. apocalyptic movies, still happening

5. realizing how much i truly love chili hot dogs

4. being stuffed with homemade food

3. someone asked me "Transylvania is real?"

2. the release of Død Snø (haven't lived til you've seen it)


(I love that so many people are recognizing the genius of Jersey Shore. More Top Ten lists will roll in tomorrow.....get ready for some epic goodness!)

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