Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top Ten from Beeraucracy

My pals over at Beeraucracy sent me their Best of '09 list....also, check out their picks for 2009's Beers of the Year! Thanks guys!

Mugsy & Jugsy's BEST OF 2009!!!

1- Best thing that happened in 2009: Getting married! We rented a tiny Malibu beach house, right on the water,
to have our intimate wedding... complete with dolphins swimming in the ocean!

2- Best surprise: New Year's Day 2009 - Mugsy's marriage proposal to Jugsy on a little boat in the
middle of Marina del Rey!

3- Best exotic adventure: seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia! Exploring the Cambodian jungle and Angkor temple complex
while Monsoon-season jungle critters tried to devour us bit by bit!

4- Best Honeymoon: Thailand & Cambodia - Singing "It's a Honeymoon in Cambodia!" for days on end.
Visiting Thai Buddhas, ancient temples, and seeing Wat Arun lit up at night. We can't leave out our unforgettable
Durian fruit experience (stinky *and* sweet!)

5- Best collaboration: starting BEERAUCRACY, our beer review blog! The husband & wife perspective on craft and
specialty brews from around the world! []

6- Best fact of 2009: George W. Bush no longer President!

7- Best Beers of 2009: Read our January 1, 2010 blog! We each picked our own favorite beers and we also
picked a mutual favorite. Woo Hoo!

8- Best New Vegan Restaurant: The Veggie Grill, West Hollywood, CA. The Chicken Caesar Wrap is a must-try!
Even your carnivorous friends won't be able to tell the difference!

9- Best Vegan cheese: Daiya Vegan Cheese - Italian Shredded (from Whole Foods Supermarket). Unlike many vegan
cheeses, this one actually tastes - and melts - like real cheese!

10- Best new trash t.v. show: "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" (This is Jugsy's pick alone. Mugsy wants nothing
to do with this one....)

Jugsy, I am sooooo hopping on your trashy TV pick!

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