Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top Ten from Jesse Cannon....

(not Jesse)

Mr. Jesse Cannon, who runs Musformation, was kind enough to send over his Top Ten List. Thanks Jesse!

10 Things I Discovered In 2009 That You Should Get To Know In 2010 If You Don't Already

1. The Jersey Shore - Seeing as I grew up around these mooks and frequented their indigenous environment as a teen, I really appreciate that I get to watch the mating and dating habits of the wild mook in a contained environment. I especially appreciate the fact that I can do this and I don't have to get too close and risk injury as I did growing up.

2. Trader Joe's Corn and Chili Salsa Type Thing - TJ's markets this as a chip dip but the real secret is that it is amazing on everything - Chicken, Quinoa, Seafood, whatever. I fall in love every time I use it.

3. Hipster Runoff - I hate nothing more than a derogatory hipster rant but this site is one of the funniest things I have ever read in the way that it gets into the mind of the kids. So well done that I have met people who think it is real.

4. Artichoke Pizza - About the only reason to ever eat on 14th street. Every one of their slices is amazing, but the crab slice def owns my heart.

5. Dexter Season 4 - I never got the saying, "on the edge of your seat" until this season of Dexter. This season definitely made up for how boring the last one was.

6. Bored To Death - Amazing show and banter that made me very happy, especially since Ted Danson's character gave me vision and hope to one day be a middle aged stoner slutting it around town.

7. Metric Fantasies - Never was a fan of this group until this record, but this was definitely my record of the year. Great for every mood in my emotional range.

8. Four Hour Work Week - As much as this is a favorite of the douchebag-business-man set, it totally rules. This book didn't help me stop working less than 70 hours but it did help me learn how to not do stupid work and many other great tricks that make my life better. Love his blog too.

9. Beast - Best restaurant in Brooklyn, small plates and the white pepper hummus leaves me craving it all night and day.

10. - If you make music or help promote other people's music, this site is about as addictive as it gets. You can sit and watch a graph of your daily streams of audio on various social networks. I basically live my life to make the lines go upwards on this site.

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