Friday, January 1, 2010

Top Ten from the trouble with lisa....

Presenting the lovely Lisa's Top Ten....

Top 10 reasons I’m happy to ring in 2010. Or: thank god 2009 is O-V-E-R.

1-I won’t have to see the previews for “It’s Complicated” anymore...can someone please get Meryl Streep an oxygen
mask already?

2-Nine (as in 2009) is an odd number. I thrive in even numbered years. I was born in one. I don’t like odd numbers. Or left hand

3-The Winter Olympics! Canada!

4-The Apple Tablet.

5-I’ll be turning...40!!!! Praise god the whimpering whining uncertainty of my 30’s will be OVER!

6-Little Debbie celebrates 50 years of making my favorite junk food...Swiss Cake Rolls RULE.

7-My blog. I will make my passion for writing and thrifting into a career. Yes, yes I will.

8-My travel, especially to LA will be more frequent (does that not excite you, Erin?).

9-Fuck the number nine.

10-2009 was just janky.

Thank you Lisa Lisa! I am very excited at the prospect of seeing you more in 2010, as that guarantees me more fun! Or more trouble.....or both.


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