Monday, January 4, 2010

Ummm, I do not understand your words.

Ok, so I set up this stupid formspring box on the blog, with the intention that people can randomly ask me questions, primarily for Ask Erin! posts. Thus far I have received the weirdest questions. Are they for real? Are they from a robot? I do not understand. Here's a sampling:

do you always remember to bring your cloth (or whatever material) to the grocery store?

Huh????? Is it me? Have my years of education failed me? Are you asking if I bring my own grocery bags to to the store? If anyone would like to enlighten me, please do. Other than this gem, I have only received variations of the "why are you so skanky?" question. For the record, there are sooooo many skanks out there, I can't really be all that skanky. Maybe it is just one dedicated hater.

All of this being said, I am gearing up for the next Ask Erin! post later this week. If you have a question about life, love, science, sex, drugs, rock n roll, 90210, or anything me-

or formspring me (sounds durrrtyyy)


Psyched and Such said...

I hate when people act like there's something wrong with being skanky.

erin said...

That is a really good point. Perhaps I shall own my skankiness in 2010.

Lara said...

I think that truly skanky people bring their own cloth.

Just sayin'.

erin said...