Friday, February 5, 2010

Ask Erin! (janky questions on a rainy Friday)

Ok, they are not all janky. But, they are all via formspring.


Dear RarelyWrong,
I would like to make a request, not ask a question. Will you post on your blog the danger of texting while driving. It could save a life.

OK, here goes my PSA....DON'T TEXT WHILE DRIVING. It can wait, I swear. I used to text while driving, back in the Blackberry days. Thankfully, it is slightly more difficult on the iPhone. So, I pretty much abandoned the concept. Also, the no texting while driving law has helped. You may not believe this, but I actually hate breaking the law. It gives me anxiety. I managed to stay out of any police trouble the entire time I was a junkie, I don't plan on making any trouble for myself now, even if it's a ticket. But, enough about me. Did you know that you are 23 times (23 TIMES!) more likely to get in an accident if you text while driving! Umm, hello?

I mean this is kind of like drinking and driving. It's not worth it. If you still drink and drive, don't even talk to me- other than to tell me when you will be on the road so I can warn my loved ones not to be there. I know that many of us made stupid decisions when we were young. But, for real, it's just about the stupidest, most selfish and careless thing you could do. If you wanna go out and rage- take a fucking cab or call a friend or live in a city with decent public transportation.

Ok, I am done ranting. Moral of the story- Don't drive drunk and don't text and drive. Call me, I will find you a ride or a cab. Tanks


Do you think that if you sleep with a guy on the first date that you're doomed to be "not girlfriend" material?

Accidentally Slutty?

Dear Accidentally Slutty,

I may be the wrong person to answer this. I have slept with most of my boyfriends on the first date. Or, sometimes there wasn't even a date. Whoops! This is not to say that I am/ have been a slut. I am not attracted to all that many people, but when I am, I have little self-restraint. So, no, I do not think you are doomed to be "not girlfriend" material. That being said, if you happen to do sexy times with a dude who has a Madonna/whore complex, there may be a problem, but then why would you want to be in a relationship with a dude like that.

I also think that when ladies get all shameful after sleeping with a dude, the dude can smell it and that's a turn off, no? So, own it. If you are confident and have self-esteem, other people will recognize that and treat you accordingly. There's nothing wrong with sex (wear a condom!), if it feels right to indulge then do it. I trust that when it's better to wait, you will know, you will feel it in your gut. Listen to your gut, it's probably not just your tummy rumbling.


Do you really have a kid?

Okay, are you sitting down? Yes, I really do have a kid. He is 6 years old. And before anonymous commenters write a bunch of shit about me being a mother- I am a good mom, despite my many weaknesses. So, suck it.


Let me ask you this, wise one, what do you suggest I do when someone I love has obviously been led down a destructive path by some slut who could care less. She is jeopardizing his sobriety and sanity. I want to say something or do something. Thoughts on subject? Hm? I figured your smart ass might have some insight.

Wow, you seem really hostile. I think that if you are worried about someone, you should say something. Ultimately, we are all individually responsible for ourselves- for our health- both physical and mental. As far as doing something- I am not sure what you plan to "do." I have found that when someone is on a destructive path, I vocalize my concerns (to the person I am concerned about), then I take a stand. I have no intention of enabling or watching someone spiral down. If you find yourself still in inner turmoil over the situation, I suggest you find an Alanon meeting. And thank you, for recognizing my ass and its high IQ. My ass thanks you.


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