Monday, February 1, 2010

Ask Erin! (on a Mondayyyyyummm)

Let's go.


top 5 songs/albums?

Good grief, this is a tough question. Let's do Top 5 albums....or to be more specific- if I had to grab 5 albums to take with me, today....they would be, in no particular order:

David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

N.W.A.- Straight Outta Compton

Leonard Cohen- Songs of Leonard Cohen

Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures

Lil Wayne- Tha Carter III

I have to tell you that I am leaving out so many records that I can't live without, but you asked for 5, so there you have it. I chose the first 5 albums I thought of, that I can't live without. (Jeez, this is starting to feel like a music blog!)


would you dump a guy for poor spelling or grammar?

Ahahahahahahaha, maybe.

Actually, most of the dudes I have dated have had poor grammar and spelling skills. That is not to say they were not smart, but this attention to detail of the written language is not an attribute possessed by everyone. Even I slip up......occasionally. I will say that I find it extremely sexy when someone writes accurately. So spell check those love letters!


my boyfriend wants me to "go brazilian." i'm scared. i have a very low tolerance for pain and i don't wanna feel bald!

Hair is gross. Deal with the pain. Or find a boyfriend who appreciates a full bush. I am really anti-hairrrrrr down thurrrrr. I once had a boyfriend who wanted me to grow it out. I tried and it just wasn't me. So, we broke up. (JK, we broke up for far worse behavior on my part.) I mean, the pain is not that bad. My biggest piece of advice- go somewhere nice, somewhere reputable, somewhere fancy. You don't want to entrust the coiffing of your precious lady bits to a woman who can't speak English in the back of a $20 mani-pedi nail salon.....I'm just saying- grooming ladies, grooming is no joke. (I don't mind hair on a man. Don't go waxing dudes, that's way too gay. Unless, you are gay and then you should wax accordingly, if that's your thang.)


can you help me write a resume?

Funny, I recently helped someone with their resume, so when I saw this question, I thought they wrote it. Alas, no. There is someone else out there who needs help. Umm, ok, I will help you write your resume. If you are not going to pay me, then feel free to buy me a present or something.


Alright, enough with these answers. I will get to more in the next day or so. I promise! If you would like to ask me a question, of any sort, then drop me a line. Use the formspring box on your right, for the utmost in anonymity, or email me- XOXO


trey said...

i can't listen to nwa without thinking of you. kinda goes hand in hand.

philip said...

I like what you said there on the subject of bikini waxing.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to vomit.

erin said...

I make myself want to vomit sometimes too.

brendan donnelly said...

wow philip, thats not creepy or anything.

Anonymous said...

Who are you?

Unknown said...

Why does somebody insult somebody anonymously? That's some kind of creepy stalkerish didn't get what you thought you should have...get help before your brain explodes. This girl is wicked smart, beautiful inside and out and while I don't know her husband he's definitely a looker and probably wicked smart too.

P.S. I was looking for your Bowie story. Hmmmm? That one time when you were 16. Did you write about it?