Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint Valentine

Last night, Atticus, who is 6, said to me, "Wouldn't it make you happy if Lil Wayne went sledding with us?" Happy V Day to me! Yes, Atticus, I would very much enjoy that. What about those people who say ValenTIMEs?! Is that endearing or just stupes? Sure, it's a Hallmark Holiday, but in all fairness the actual holiday began a very long time ago, in honor of a martyr. Learn useless Valentine trivia courtesy of The History Channel.

Valentine Shmalentine. I will spend mine imitating The Winter Olympics, here in New Hampshire. If no one else loves you, don't worry, I do.

Although romance can sometimes make me feel dizzy, if there ever was a day to do it....why not do something romantic? Buy your mom some roses, surprise a lover with a love letter, bake your friends some cookies. Be sweet.


Psyched and Such said...

Read all the History Channel trivia and (even though it shouldn't be) my mind is blown. I will be celebrating next valentines day by ritually killing a goat and slapping attractive men and crops with it's blood soaked skin. I don't like chocolate anyway.

erin said...