Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Forget it Jake...

It's Chinatown.

I watched Chinatown today for the first time in a long time and damn is it a good movie. Stellar cast, script, stellar direction, art direction. If you have never seen it, or it has been awhile, I highly recommend it. It would probs be a good "date" movie too. (Although, I watched it alone in my room in the middle of the day, so what do I know?!)

In addition to the suspense, the acting, and the Nicholson/Dunaway chemistry, the styling is fantastic. I wanna look/dress like "Evelyn Mulwray." Her clothes are perfection.

The little black hat with the veil...Could I pull that off?

I seem to recall that my Irma La Douce post also contained some hat love. I wish I could wear hats more often....I think that my small head has left me hat-challenged, like I get swallowed up....maybe with these little fancy hats????!!!! I digress.  I also would like to make note of her perfect red lips. I rarely wear lipstick....usually just a little gloss...maybes it's time to bring it back. I will ponder these things as a means to avoiding my weird anxiety tonight.

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trey said...

One of the best films ever