Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I feel blue not green.

I hate St. Patrick's Day....a bunch of drunk amateurs causing havoc and DUIing it on the road. Also, because my name is Erin, I have long suffered the rash of Erin Go Bragh jokes...."Erin go bra-less," "Erin go get a bra," "Erin doesn't need a bra," etc., etc. Also, I am in a bad mood. So, there. Enjoy some Pogues.

Ever see the Shane MacGowan documentary, If I Should Fall From Grace? It's really good, but kinda sad. I recommend watching it.
(you can watch it all on YouTube)


brendan donnelly said...

why are you in a bad mood these days?

erin said...

I'm not. Just a weird week.