Monday, March 22, 2010

I'll give ya' something to live for....Have ya, grab ya til your sore!

I saw The Runaways movie this weekend. I was sort of prepared to hate it....and guess what? I didn't hate it! It was far from perfect but it captured a lot. I thought that Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning did solid jobs with their respective roles.
But, really, what I died over was the costume design. Oh yes, a sea of yummy platforms. It reminded me of being a teenager and using a fake ID to get into English Acid and Club 70s...both of which were 1990s attempts at reliving the 70s. I had a pair of vintage gold glitter platform maryjanes....I have no idea what I did with them....not that I could really pull them off now, but STILL, I wish I had them.

Major props to Carol Beadle!!! You did an epic job lady.

I always had a soft spot for Cherie Currie. Also, Foxes is one of my fave weekend in bed movies.


Ara said...

The location where there was Club 1970s (and Helter Skelter, if I remember correctly) is now a Home Depot....and in the 90s, I loved my 70s platforms too, and I wish I knew what happeend to them.

erin said...

I know! Ahhh, the 90s....