Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This morning I drove my son and 2 other boys to school. Let me set the scene for you....we play a game where we take turns picking songs on the iPod to listen to, as it is a 40 minute drive (Blerg). Atticus's (age 6) picks included: T.I.'s "Whatever You Like," "Tom Sawyer" by Rush, Lil Wayne's "Lollipop," and "One Way or Another" by Blondie. His best friend Charlie (age 8) picked a bunch of rock songs- Selections from The Beatles, The White Stripes and The Who. The third boy (age 7) in the car asked for songs I had never heard of- maybe they were kid songs...I dunno- he was clearly outmatched in the music knowledge department.

Then Atticus and Charlie discussed Lil Wayne's jail sentence, you know as most kids would. Their conversation went something like this....

Charlie: Hey Atticus, did you know that Lil Wayne has to go to jail today?

Atticus: (in sad voice) Yeah, I know.  He got caught with a gun. That's why he's going to jail.

Charlie: It was a 4 chamber gun. Did you know that Atticus?

Atticus: It was? Wow, that's a lot of chambers.

Boy #3: Who's Little Wayne?

Atticus: It's not LITTLE Wayne, it's Lil Wayne! He's like the most famous rapper in the world. 

Boy #3: Oh yeah, I know him.

Charlie: You don't know him. You don't listen to his music. Atticus and I know all about him. 

Atticus: Yeah, my Mama loves Lil Wayne. Don't you Mama? 

Me: Yes, Atticus, I do love Lil Wayne.

Atticus: That's bad he had a gun, but he learned his lesson now. 

Me: Yes, that's the lesson Atticus.


P.S. Did you hear that Weezy's sentence was postponed again because of a fire in the courthouse?


raymi lauren said...

gifted kids.

brendan donnelly said...

truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are an unfit parent.

fab said...

guess who was supposed to go to the Jay-Z after party in NY but was too tired, so went home NOT KNOWING LIL WAYNE WAS THERE!!! .....boned it big time!

justin hollar said...

fab you are an unfit lil' wayne fan

Anonymous said...

I'm just kidding, your not an unfit parent (that was over the line). I'm actually starting to like your blog.