Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ask Erin! Let's catch up some more.....

Oh, it's a lovely day, eh? A perfect day to answer random questions.

are you going to coachella?

No. Honestly, outdoor music festivals, in dusty desert heat, scare me. As much as I love music, wayyyy too many people, drunk people. Have fun though!

do you write outside of this blog

Yes, I do. I am currently working on a book. I am also pursuing an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. 

do you think it's too soon to commit after 2 weeks of dating?

Hell yeah! Wayyyyy too soon. Be honest about your intentions/feelings, so it's clear whether or not you are monogamous. But, in my humble opinion, you don't really know someone after 2 weeks. All that being said, I know a lovely married couple that moved in together on their first date and are living happily ever after. That's the exception though. Why you in such a rush? Take it slow, enjoy this time. 

does your kid know about your past?

Oh yeah sure, I have told my 6 year old all the gory details of my past. Are you high? No, I do not think it is appropriate, nor is it necessary. However, as he grows up, I am not going to lie about the mistakes I have made and what I learned from them. My hope is that I will guide him to make better choices than I did. 

whats the difference between police and sheriff?

HA! Okay, you totally win for random question of the day. Well, in a nutshell, police are limited to a certain jurisdiction, a city. The Sheriff's oversee a county or state. They also may police towns that do not have their own police department. Additionally, they may act as the coroner's office or have other judicial responsibilities, depending on the area. (Insert yawn here.)

Is it a bad idea to take a girl to the gym on a first date?

Yes. What are you, a personal trainer? Are you trying to tell her to get into shape? I mean sweating can be very sexy, but unless you are a gay man, I would avoid the gym for romance. Besides, you don't wanna blow your pick-up ability for other single ladies at the gym

Send me more questions, darlings. I will answer them! You can formspring through the box on your right or email me.

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