Monday, May 3, 2010

"It takes an ocean not to break."

We can be identified by our fingerprints and by our teeth. I wonder if it's possible to also be identified by the heart. Or rather by the way we love.

"Yes officer, that is my friend. I can tell by the print his heart left behind."

"No! It wasn't her, she couldn't have committed the crime. Her heart is much larger than this."

I love blindly, stupidly, cautiously, carelessly, sloppily, graciously, greedily, with strings, without strings, without any love at all. I love in too many ways and not enough. How do you love?

(New video from The National. According to them, they love terribly. Enjoy.)


Joy said...

I love you - because you love the way you do, because you are who you are. I love you.

erin said...

I love you too, Joy.

Sadako said...

Gotta say, love the fox pic.