Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's no secret that I have been all levels of low lately. Fortunately for me, there are things that cheer me up. If you're feeling low, perhaps they will cheer you up too. 

(so you can laugh...)

(so your hair will look good....)

Seriously, I have never felt so passionately about any other hair care line. They are like little tubs of ice cream, they smell good and, bottom line, they work wonders! Davines, if you need a spokesperson, I'm totes available. 

(so you will have something to sing...)

Also, I think I need a road trip. Suggestions?


sommer marie said...

I'm packing up my Element and heading out to Montana for a few weeks, want to tag along?! :) Bitterroot Valley, Glacier and Yellowstone Nat'l Parks... good times ahead!

erin said...

Good grief....that's tempting!!!

philip said...

I will happily take you on a road trip! Email proposition forthcoming.

brendan donnelly said...

i heard fresno is pretty nice in the springtime.