Monday, June 7, 2010

Answer me

So before I got busy and sick, I got tagged. And like a good jank, I did some tagging myself. Here are a couple of responses, for your Monday morning amusement...

From the lovely Jugsy....

A vampire or a wizard (and why)?

This is essentially a question of quality versus quantity.  I think being a wizard would provide me with a much better quality of life.  Just the thought of being able to turn people into toads alone makes me giddy!  I also think it would be great to be able to teleport, fly, conjure, divine - and a whole host of other wizardly things I'm sure I don't even know about yet.  Compared to... what?  Living forever and sucking blood?  No, thanks.  On either of those counts. If you could change one thing about you, what would it be- if anything?

The answer greatly depends on what mood I'm in at the moment the question is asked.  Right at this moment, it's superficial.  I'd love to be able to eat and drink anything I wanted while maintaining a slim, yet shapely figure ;-) Would you rather live like a rock star or like a president?

Oh, I'm with Erin on this, too!  President is way too stressful.  Plus, I'd have to remember facts, figures and worst of all, people!  No, thanks.  I have a memory like a sieve as it is!  Rock star, I could totally get behind.  The travel, the perks, the cool wardrobe and, I'd get to just be myself - oh, hey, and I already know a great drummer!!! What's your favorite cartoon character?

Ye olde times?  Wonder Woman.  Modern?  Frylock. What's your (most) guilty pleasure?

Oh, great.  Way to make me feel tame!  Guilty pleasures include eating chocolate & popcorn without my husband catching me and watching tivo-ed episodes of The Hills and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!  {hanging head in shame now} If you were a song, what would it be?

Perfect Day  ~ Lou Reed

(You thought I'd pick something from The Damned, didn't you?!  They would represent choices #2 through #20)
What's your biggest dream?

I want to continue to have a happy marriage and add happy kid(s) to that... and we'll all live in my dream home in Malibu.  Oh, and, I'd like to spend my spare time saving the world.  No, really! Do you prefer to be the one who asks questions or the one who answers them, and why?

Depends on my mood - again.  But I'm a pretty good listener.   What is your biggest turn off and turn on?

Biggest turn on is someone who's genuinely kind and compassionate towards all living creatures - especially humans.  Biggest turn off is arrogance.  There just is no room for it, you know?  No one knows everything or is better than anyone else.  I just don't get that at all. Have you ever broken any laws?

I am invoking my rights under the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Thank you and goodnight.


and from Mr. Brendan WelcomeToTheInternets Donnelly...

-vampire or wizard and why?
neither. vampires are too manipulative and wizards are pedophiles. i relate more to werewolves. they're hairy, dressed like bums, bipolar and a total wild card.

-if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
to put less pressure on myself.

-would you rather live like a rock star or like a president?
live like a president during the washington and jefferson administration. they had a larger harem of black chicks to choose from...and i'd want to party like ozzy in his hey day.

-what's your favorite cartoon character?
the creepy guy who wears the bolo tie from the "red meat" comic strip, or any one of the characters i've been creating for my tv show.

-what's your (most) guilty pleasure?
watching the L word, under the covers in a posteurpedic bed with fluffy pillows, while eating ben and jerry's ice cream, wearing a mudmask, reading trash rags, sexskyping with female prison inmates and tweeting about how i wish shayne was my girlfriend and ryan gosling was my boyfriend... and pretending like i don't have a clue about all of the above...well at least 60% of this is true.

-if you were a song(s) what would it be?the soundtrack to "made in USA" by sonic youth while driving in the desert at golden hour
-whats your biggest dream?
to have one of my 11:11 wishes come true (soon)

-do you prefer to be the one who asks the questions or the one who answers them and why?
 i think police interrogators have the best of both worlds. they get to yell the questions AT the detainee and PUT the answers in their mouth. but at the end of the day i prefer to listen and judge.

-whats your biggest turn off and biggest turn on?
turn offs: social climbers, rudeness, manipulation, "no"
turn ons: sense of humor/self deprecating humor/dark humor, eyes, intelligence, a facial scar, a snaggle tooth, crows feet, thigh highs with high heels, women with a safari/dirtbag-preppy/hot mess style, a fascination with the occult and witchy/mysterious vibes, and "i got this when i was 17 and i regret it" tattoo, my friend tamaryn's singing voice and a simple "yes".

-have you broken any laws?
just broken hearts/been heart broken.

Thanks guys!!!


brendan donnelly said...

i guilty pleasure is justin beiber

erin said...

U R soooooo G A Y