Thursday, June 17, 2010

Learning Annex

I have been thinking of pitching this class idea to the Learning Annex- Teaching You What Not to Do. I would be a stellar instructor. I could make a highlight reel of my greatest life fails, with re-enactment actors and everything. Think of what I could teach...Want to avoid 110 life mistakes? Do the opposite of what you see here! Looking to implode your life? Follow one of these plans! Oh the fun and learning that could be had by all, no matter what your angle is.

 Do you think they will go for it? I hear I work real cheap. Where is the Learning Annex anyway? Truthfully, I think they could work on their name, somehow "annex" sounds like an afterthought. Come learn here, learn what you forgot to already learn.


A said...

Life is about learning from mistakes as is, so why not learn from the mistakes of others. No on wants to be told what to do anyway, its much more fun to actually see what you're not supposed to be doing.

brendan donnelly said...

what ever happened to the comments from anonymous?