Thursday, October 7, 2010

File this one under questionable parenting.

Atticus, my 7 year old offspring, told me that he is writing  a song....for Lil celebrate his upcoming release from prison. Is it wrong to be proud? The song is about what it was like for Weezy in prison. One of the lines is..."Gotta get out of this damn place." He also informed me that he wants to sing it to Wayne, in person. So.....perhaps a casserole party/serenade?

We were very sad to hear about Weezy's solitary confinement, for having an iPod. This news was reported to me by mother. (She secretly like Lil Wayne too, but don't tell anybody.)

And for all the haters... despite being locked up, his album still debuted at #2 last week. So, suck it.


justin hollar said...

His last two albums are garbage and you know it!
You also left out that he got BEAT by KENNY CHESNEY!!!

erin said...

Don't be a hater. Atticus will kick your butt.