Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Complaint Department

As a very busy person, who barely even has time to blog these days, I was happy to see that I could renew my drivers license online. So, I did, on October 6th. It is now November 16th. Do I have my new license? No. I do not. 

So, seeing as my birthday is coming up this Saturday, and seeing as how I have yet to receive said license, I called the DMV. The kind woman on the other end confessed that they have been having severe problems in getting the licenses sent out. Some people who renewed as early as August have still not received their licenses. 

Then she advised me to go to my local DMV and get a temporary license. Have you been to a DMV lately? Do you understand the time suck that would occur?!! 

So, I proceeded to try and make an appointment. Earliest appointment is December 7th! If I had known this would happen, I could have made an appointment 6 weeks ago! BLERG

I mean, really. 

Thanks, I needed to vent. 

(just because)

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sm said...

At our lovely little DMV they advise you make an appointment as well... the retarded thing about it is, you still have to wait in the long ass line with the people who didn't make an appointment. What the fuck is the point of making an appointment?!? LAME.

I hope you receive yours soon, and happy almost birthday :)

-sommer marie