Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"People will see me and cry......"

So, almost two weeks ago, I took a little road trip to Phoenix, Arizona for a wedding. En route, I got to sit in the back seat of my car for a change and enjoy the dvd entertainment.

On tap? Season One of Fame. I seriously love that show as much as I did when I was a kid. I mostly remember it from its syndicated days. I watched those re-runs many many times.

It's pretty much perfection.

There's early 80s New York City.

There's the big issues- teen prostitution, drugs, muggings, Harlem in 1982.(One of the best episodes, Street Kid, features Dominique Dunne)

There's Debbie Allen and her fabulous choreography. (P.S. I want to dress like her all the time.)

There's Doris Schwartz who is endlessly running somewhere in some wacky outfit.

There's Ms. Sherwood and her perfect hair.

There's Shorofsky....who is just awesome.

And then there's Leroy, and Leroy's ass.....so phenomenal, seriously. (Sadly, Gene Anthony Ray died in 2003.)

The only things I could do without are Coco, because she bugs,

and the long synthesized musical stylings of Martelli.

As I am getting close to being done watching Season One, I promptly logged on to Amazon to add the other seasons to my wishlist. And guess what? Only Seasons One and Two are available?!?

I really need to own the other seasons. Come on MGM, get it together.


Anonymous said...

best show ever

Anonymous said...

Who do you love more? Weezy or Leroy?