Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Loot: Part Two

After receiving the best gift ever, I spent my birthday weekend in Phoenix for a wedding. I believe this was my first trip, as an adult, to the "Florida of the West."

On my actual birthday, we spent some time trolling thrift stores in Sun City and antique malls in Scottsdale. I bought myself a few tiny treasures....

Whiting and Davis deadstock.

 The perfect navy blue.

I have been walking around, sans keychain for months. Now, I have a key wallet! Do you remember these? My grandmother always used one and it's my new favorite object. 

There are some really cute ones on etsy right now. There's even one just like mine, if you wanna get all Single White Female about it.

Pale pink spun cotton angel....best.

And, a little 60s Christmas mouse. Although I have an irrational fear of rodents, I also have an irrational love of anthropomorphic mice. (But, for the record, I hate anthropomorphic food in ads. I don't want my sandwich to talk and I don't want my raisins to do sing and dance. Thanks.)

Also, on this weekend, we had the good fortune of eating at Frank and Lupe's in Scottsdale. It was amazingly good. I highly recommend it the next time you find yourself in the Zona. 

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