Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Your hair will thank me.

Seriously, just trust me.

I have been known to get excited about hair care products in the past, and I am excited once again.

Moroccan Oil, people. That's where it's at. It's cramazing. It leaves your hair so soft and shiny and light. It also makes drying long hair a much faster endeavor.

Try it. (If you are blonde, and consequently having way more fun, then try the light version, as the regular one can stain your hair.)

You're welcome.


Joy said...

Really?!! I've been hearing & reading about this product for a while now. I've wanted to try it but the price tag requires a little more than a try, more of a commitment I'd say.

Hearing your praise makes me that much more inclined to give it a go - especially if it decreases drying time!

Since my hair is a lighter shade of brown, sometimes referred to as dirty blonde, would I need the lighter version?

p.s. Can you text or email me your address?

erin said...

Joy, it is so good. And, yes I would try the lighter version first! xoxoxo