Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pressed against the glass...

Internally, I am running full speed towards something I cannot see.
On the outside, I am paralyzed.
This state is the bane of my existence, simultaneously exhilarated and petrified.
It will pass, but I am also sure of its return.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

While we're on the subject of brilliant photographers....

Have you heard of Vivian Maier? Ben alerted me to this video....

Watch it, you won't be sorry.

The guy that discovered her work is also making a film about her....

And, there is currently an exhibit of her work up at the Chicago Cultural Center, through April 3rd. Joy, it looks like I really do need to pay Chi-town a visit!!!

"The rich have their own photographers....."

".....I photograph the forgotten ones."- Milton Rogovin

One of my favorite photographers, Milton Rogovin, has passed away.

He was 101 years old. As a social activist, he was targeted as a communist in 1957, appearing before the HUAC, and subsequently losing his optometry practice. From the age of 48, he continued his social activism by documenting "forgotten ones." He documented the poor, from families in his hometown of Buffalo, to the Appalachians, to miners around the world.

I first discovered his work in the photo section of the Los Angeles Public Library, main downtown branch, in the late 90s, and have been a major fan ever since.

If you can make it to Chicago, there is a Rogovin exhibit, The Working-Class Eye of Milton Rogovin, opening today and up until June 30th, at Roosevelt University's Gage Gallery.

Short Doc about him from 2003....

Thank you, Mr. Rogovin, for showing us....