Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Money Makes the World Go Round

We had the pleasure of visiting the New York Stock Exchange last Friday, as my dad was there to ring the opening bell. It was a pretty amazing experience. (Once again, I apologize for my crappy iPhone pics.)

After going through security, we were escorted to a large board room on the 6th floor.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. Each room is so sound-proofed, that you can't even hear people in the hallway or just outside the door of any given room.

There was an amazing Lego replica of the Stock Exchange building...

We were served breakfast.

And given these awesome engraved metal name tags that clasp with a magnet.

Finally, we were led to the floor, by John Stewart's brother, who is the COO of the NYSE. 

There is even a Starbucks on the trading floor, which I neglected to snap. Starbucks really is everywhere!

Atticus was thrilled to talk to the dude in charge of trading Disney stock.

(me, stoked.)

After my dad rang the bell, we got to go up to the podium.

(the gavel and bell)

(view from the podium)

After a quick tour of the floor, we returned to the boardroom, were given a commemorative medallion, and sent on our way. I feel fortunate to have seen it on the inside. They used to give tours, but post-9/11, the building is closed to the public, except by invitation. Not a bad way to end the year!