Monday, February 28, 2011

Spirit Ditch

Sometimes it is easier to hold on to pain that it is to let it go. Perhaps you have held on to a pain or a loss for so long, you don't know who you would be without it. Maybe it drives you, defines you, shapes your days, carves out meaning, albeit desperate meaning.

But, maybe now it's time to turn your back to the wind and fall, fall back into unchartered territory. Isn't it better to fall than to stay glued- to one time, one place, one experience, one moment?

You can revisit that old wound, I am sure, if you really want to....but I believe you will find something new to hold on to, something solid and brave and hopeful, way down deep in your core. And maybe that new thing, that new hope, can drive you, shape your days, carve out meaning.

What do you think?


Jane Lasky Travel said...

I think you're great and that you'll have to run your course the best way you know how. Beautiful words, Erin. Fondly, Jane

erin said...

Thank you, Jane. Fortunately, I have learned to let it go, most of the time! :)

Anonymous said...

I love you for this. It's like it was written for me at this exact moment.

erin said...

The universe is awesome like that!

bloodbath* said...